IMA 503 Syllabus

IMA 503              

NUMBER OF CREDITS:        3      

COURSE TITLE: Multimedia Lab I                 


This course will start with an introduction to the basic qualities of Web design and development. Course instruction will be on a variety of software used to create interactive products.  Students will gain knowledge of all forms of interactive presentations dealing with the areas of information, education, promotion and entertainment arenas.


Emphasis will be on developing an understanding of various interactive techniques and protocol. Students will compose a variety of sample interactive presentations. Students will learn how to create artwork and all the components necessary to complete an interactive presentation, via audio, video animation and scripting techniques.

Lectures, demonstrations, and instruction.

Critiques and group discussions.

Class direction on projects and individual development.

Late projects will either not be accepted or will result in a lowered grade. 
In addition, there will be tutorial assignments worked on in class and a high probability of surprise quizzes. Finally, all students should maintain notes on class lectures, demonstrations and instruction.  Class attendance is essential (see below).


Final grade will be based on class participation, student progress, evaluations of papers, and projects with the emphasis on the final project, and evaluation of student’s notebook. More than three absences will result in a failing grade.


2 Lecture/Demos 1 Lab = 6 total


At the end of this course students will be able to do the following:

Design and create Web content

Integrate audio and video

Use code to create motion and effects

Properly prepare files for delivery on the Internet


Lectures and demonstrations on software and design.


A= Excellent Work

B+ = Above Average

B = Average

C+ = Minimal Average

C= Below Average

D+ = Well below average

D = Minimal Level

F = Failure to meet expectations


A minimum of four projects (one being an extensive final project) will be assigned. Projects will be comprised of multiple levels of expertise.

All assignments must also start with wireframes and adequate flowcharting. Subsequent stages of design and development must be signed off on by the instructor. Each stage must contain solutions to criteria contain din outline.

All Projects Criteria List

Storyboard, Flowchart and Design approvals

Flowchart and approved designs.

Students will need to spend at least three hours per week in the lab (outside of class time) to complete these projects


Each student is required to practice and work design theory 3 hours outside of class time.




The list below links to some enhanced sites.