IMA 501 Syllabus

 IMA 501             

NUMBER OF CREDITS:        3      

COURSE TITLE: Overview of Multimedia Technologies             

INSTRUCTOR:    P. Aievoli                    


This class will provide an overview to world of multimedia and web development. This course will focus on developing projects for new media.  Students will be exposed to the world of multimedia/new media as it pertains to five main areas: education, information, entertainment, promotion and fine arts.



Relevant periodicals for each student will be assigned via traditional and Internet access per student’s needs.

Title:              The World is Flat
Author:          Thomas Friedman
Publisher:      Farrar, Straus, and Giroux 2005



The objectives of this course are:

  1. To learn the purpose, theories and practices of interactive design and production as it pertains to; information, education, promotion, entertainment and art.
  2. To enhance the student’s visual, written and oral communication skills.
  3. To participate in discussion, collaboration and critical dialogue.
  4. To develop an enriched understanding of image use and possibilities.
  5. To explore the aesthetics, uses and the social ramifications of interactive media technologies.


Lectures, demonstrations, and instruction.

Critiques and group discussions.

Class direction on projects and individual development.


Late projects will either not be accepted or will result in a lowered grade. In addition, there will be tutorial assignments worked on in class and a high probability of surprise quizzes. Finally, all students should maintain notes on class lectures, demonstrations and instruction.  Class attendance is essential (see below).



Final grade will be based on class participation, student progress, evaluations of prototype with the emphasis on the final prototype, and evaluation of student’s notebook. More than three absences will result in a failing grade.



1 Lecture = 1.5 total plus additional assignments



The purpose of this course is to expose students to the use of diverse design environments and to familiarize them with interactive, web and print projects.



Lectures and demonstrations on software and design.



A= Excellent Work

B+ = Above Average

B = Average

C+ = Minimal Average

C= Below Average

D+ = Well below average

D = Minimal Level

F = Failure to meet expectations

Final grade will be based on class participation, critiques and student progress, evaluation of MidTerm and Final exam, and 5 projects (emphasis on the final project) and evaluation of student’s notebook. More than three absences will result in a lower grade.



Development of a WordPress site that includes posts that generate the following in a weekly sequence.


Week One

Introduction to course requirements and expectations


Week Two


Explanation of concept with at least five links


Week Three

Mission Statement
What would your thesis look like and links to sites that you find visually appealing?


Week Four

Intro/Main/Site Sections – Visually in boxes and directional lines


Week Five

Design samples

Full size at least 5 pages


Week Six

Production statement
What technologies will you use and why?


Week Seven

Production Timeline
Week by week in a bar chart format labeled


Week Eight

Production Budget

How many hours – times how much per hour – costs will vary


Week Nine

Development Team Duties
Team member by team member breakdown


Week Ten-Eleven

Marketing Plan
Which venues will you use – Print, Web, Direct Mail, etc….


Week Twelve

Return on Investment
Break even point costs to build versus income generated


Week Thirteen


The student’s progress will be assessed by faculty and other students at multiple presentations to be given during the semester.


Week Fourteen

Review of course and the explanation of next course in sequence and how both learning scenarios are integrated.



Each student is required to practice and work 3 hours outside of class time.




The Language of New Media

Lev Manovich, MIT Press 2002


Suggested Texts & Periodicals

Brown Interview, J Walter Thompson, Capitalist, EConstruction, Hotspots,B2B Hot or Hype, Retail & EBusiness /WIRED, etc.



The list below links to some design and graphic sites. If you would like to add to the list please email me at



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