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A tech non-profit called CommonLit won a $3.89 million grant from the Department of Education to develop software and content that helps students read well enough to graduate from high school, and succeed in their careers or college.

The grant was part of a $26 million initiative by the D.O.E. to support libraries and non-profits with innovative approaches to literacy.

Here’s how CommonLit basically works: educators or families can set up an account and give students a code to log into There, students get reading assignments and quizzes that adapt to their reading levels, over time.

Teachers can track the progress of a class or individual learner, grade their work, and see where they are most challenged.

Content for ComonLit lessons is donated by publishers and authors, and encompasses short works or passages from fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

CommonLit scores a $3.9 million grant to help students master reading skills online, for free