With the requirement of international knowledge, students in China are more interested in studying abroad. But before making sure whether they could adapt to the environment and different teaching ways, they could have an opportunity to try in different countries, which is popular around China called exchange programs. Even though there are a lot of choices in different countries, especially in America, there is no exact website with reliable and more data information that students could find, compare and comment by them. Thus, the importance of exchange programs data website is necessary and urgent.

Mission Statement:

My website will be a database of the exchange programs between China and America from High School to Graduate program of Colleges. It’s an easy way for students, schools and agencies to get information and comparison among each exchange program. The programs would be divided into different majors, and be held either during the school time, or summer time. The programs’ information are relied on the posts or existing pages from each schools’ and agencies’ official website, which includes the time, contact information, frequency, price and etc. My website is free to public. If people want to get more information, updates or featured function, they could sign up an account and create their own smart board. About funding, I would like to get more reliable agencies cooperation and programs’ advertisements. All the programs on each major will be ranking, hopefully I could find agencies’ ranking as well. And host families could be ranking in the meantime. So if possible, the reliable host families could cooperate as well. I’m thinking about to have both English and Chinese versions, but I will start English first.





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