A multimedia platform, alternative to TV – geared towards youth culture


With the emergence of to the internet, YouTube and ITunes, in recent years indie artist have been able to capture a niche audience, earn video/audio views online, tour and establish a career without having national radio spins, or conventional TV presence . This multi-media platform taps into the various niche markets bringing them under one roof.

As today’s generation is no longer genre specific, this website will feature various genres of music. Whether it’s Hip Hop, Rock or EDM, if its apart of youth culture it will be featured. Occasionally featuring mainstream artist, howeverthe indie artist will be our core.

Although the network will be music based it will also feature things that are loosely based to music or apart of youth culture such as Sports, Fashion, Indie-Films, travel and leisure etc.

Access to content will not be limited to only the internet but can also be accessed through apps on cellphones and tablets; and widgets on smart tv’s and streaming players such as Roku, amazon fire TV and apple TV

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