A lifestyle multi-media network geared towards the eGeneration.


With the emergence of to the internet, YouTube and ITunes, in recent years indie artist have been able to capture a niche audience, earn video/audio views online, tour and establish a career without having national radio spins, or conventional TV presence . This multi-media platform taps into the various niche markets bringing them under one roof.

As today’s generation is no longer genre specific, this website will feature various genres of music. Whether it’s Hip Rock, Rock or EDM, if its apart of youth culture it will be featured. Occasionally featuring mainstream artist, the indie artist will be our core.

Although the network will be music based it will also feature things that are loosely based to music or apart of youth culture such as Sports, Fashion, Indie-Films, travel and leisure etc.

There will be two elements to this network.

The blog/ alternative to print will feature daily news and updates regarding artist and culture. It will also feature themed articles written in journalistic form.

The video/ alternative to TV section will feature Artist Interviews, Event Coverage as well as programs/ and series that are loosely related to the music (similar to what MTV and VH1 does). A huge staple of the video section will be a multi-genre online music festival featuring indie artist

Access to content will not be limited to only the internet but can also be accessed through apps

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Social Network
instagram complex
Complex  is a men’s style/lifestyle magazine and website. Dealing with niche culture trends, such as street wear, sneaker collecting, hip-hop music and graphic art , through their Instagram account they post 15 sec preview videos of their various web series. They also post pictures which can direct you  to a specific blog or article. Aside from promotional material they also post pictures of nostalgic pictures dealing with the areas they specialize in. For example they will post a picture of Michael Jordan winning the championship in 1995 wear a limited edition sneaker. The website does not have an article about said sneaker but for sneaker fanatics its another reason to keep following the page because you never know what they might most 

AFFRM is a distribution company for Black Cinema through their Facebook page, they post pictures of films that have been acquired by the company . Full length trailers of films, release information for films wether it be DVD, Netflix or theater information

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