With the growth of online news, everyone expects the latest news n the spot. Everyone wants to know what is happening around the world the moment it happens. There are those who want to know what is happening, how it happened and why it happened all in one go. This is where the internet successes where print media doesn’t.

Mission Statement:
Interest vary from people to people. People search for various sources for their interest to know what goes on in particular field. In this case, I will be focusing on creating a news site dedicated to the up-to-date information on the world of animation. On this site, I will focus on the latest news, reviews, and interviews from animation ranging from the newest feature films, to the latest hit on television. The site will also give synopis’ for film, television shows, and short films from past, present, and future. I hope to create a site that will stand out as an informative site and will be accessible to everyone.







Cost Chart/Revenue Generation:



Social Media:

Introduction:  Social Media is the term used to describe interaction among people through virtual means. While considered a distraction for most people, social media has been slowly becoming the norm for social interaction and media consumption. Naturally, this has been noticed from a business standpoint so those who were willing to keep up with the current generation decided to move their marketing and social interaction with consumers through different types of social media. However, thanks to it’s competitive side, social media has grown into several different websites, some more popular with some still developing. The difference among these sites are the key to knowing how to perform well in advertising your product or company.


Facebook: As far as corporate social media site goes, Animation studios have utilized it’s use to show progress and advertise their next big film. From production work to it’s release day. Most recently, Walt Disney Animation Studio is a buzz about their most recent movie release, Frozen. Notably, they use an image from the movie as a banner. On the side is the movie’s logo with the phrase “Now Playing” at the bottom. Photos and videos are also dedicated to promote the film as well as posting images from production to promote the film. Compared to Dreamworks Animation and Pixar, both which use multiple images from each film they have made, it shows Disney is in high gear to show off their latest film. Given that Disney currently has 3.4 million followers, is show that they have a grasp at how to bring in their fans while also using their page as an advertising site.

For relation to my site, Toonzone, a website dedicated to cartoon and comic news, promotes their reviews and current news that relates to anything drawn or rendered. While not as popular as big named sites, Toonzone manages to deliver to it’s “niche” audience by delivering up to date news and reviews.


LinkedIn: LinkedIn is different from other social sites. While it can help connect with other people, it can also help in searches for job and career opportunities. It works similar to a job site while also working as a social media site similar to Facebook. For following, many corporations use this to list job opportunities in their company. In animation, there is not much work easily found, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t. This is also an opportunity for companies to promote themselves in a positive light to bring in potential employees. As far as my site goes, this doesn’t provide much in terms of news, however, it will be a great opportunity to post jobs for animation enthusiast and majors who are seeking jobs in a time where jobs in the media are scarce.


Twitter:A rather recent social media site, Twitter has become one of the most popular site online. Quick and easy to use, news can be up to date at the drop of a hat, in 150 words or less. Much like Facebook, Animation sites, use this to promote their films and upload any and all production art. Videos can also be uploaded although many prefer to link to their youtube accounts. This benefits both social sites as both can link to each other while getting more page views. Two for the price of one. News site wise, many prefer to promote their news and reviews followed by a link to their site. This benefits sites like ToonZone and Rotocopers, another animation news site, as they can update on current events in animation. Twitter is fast and easy to use and with mobile devices, Twitter can help bring news to everyone anytime, anywhere


Instagram: Instagram is still new, however, it has brought in a fast following. Much like Twitter and Facebook, it utilizes the status updates. What makes Instagram different is the image and video upload. Instagram can make images look pretty with filters while their videos are limited to fifteen second clips. Unlike youtube, Instagram make video watching fast and to the point. Animation news wise, it’s similar to twitter as they link back to their main site. A picture says a thousands word though as Animation companies use this to post more production art and screen caps to promote their film.


Pinterest: Much like Instagram, this site is image based. Here, Pinterest can group these images into selected groups of interest. For a Corporation like Disney, they group up their interests in sub-categories ranging from “Disney Quotes” to “Disney Weddings.” This shows Disney interest in keeping up with trends in their fandom by keeping these categories together. Rotoscopers uses their Pinterest to categorize their products from news to reviews even promoting merchandise from different companies. This helps separate different wants for followers in case they are not interested in anything else on their main site.


YouTube: Finally the site that changed the way we watch videos. Youtube is a site that allows people to upload their own videos to share to friends, family and even the world. While the “You” in Youtube has been lost in it’s original intent, Youtube is still one of the highest sites visited online. Of course with animation, there has to be videos to show with pencil tests, previews, and special events dedicated to those videos be it music videos or home-made projects. For Animation, and movies in general, this is one of the best social medias to use. Rotoscopers is an animation news site, but unlike the other animation sites, Rotoscopers uses videos to create their own newscast and video blogs to present news and opinion pieces. Once again, for this type of media, video is the best way to go. While many other social sites provide video use, none are as easily manageable as Youtube.

Conclusion: In terms of animation, while some of these social media sites aren’t as valuable as the next, it can’t be denied that these Animation studios are doing their best to keep up with their faithful fans. News sites are more narrow in this regard. More often, news sites will use Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to provide information for their followers.